With our website we have to inform the broad audience about general information on our new ico: Corruption Coin. We do not propose you a safe way to spend your money on cryptocurrency or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) token (WE DO NOT SELL ITEMS – WE ARE NOT TRYING TO SOLICITATE YOU TO GIVE US MONEY – THIS IS NOT AN OFFER).If your country doesn't permit to trade and buy cryptocurrencies and tokens, you can't contribute to CRTC. Our developers do not make any representations or warranties (express or implied) about the accuracy of forward-looking statements – expressed through plans,intentions or objectives – even less about the soundess of the currency. First of all we are humorous people: every content here is presented by a satirical point of view and if we involve ourselves on a "corrupted" project does not mean we’ll deal with illegal issues. We are not working against law. Corruption Coin cannot offer any functionality or benefits except for the ones of a durable, transferrable blockchain digital token or coin. THERE’S NO EXCHANGE-LISTING OR VALUATION OF CORRUPTION COIN IN TERMS OF ANY REAL-WORLD ASSETS – INCLUDING FIAT CURRENCIES OR OTHER BLOCKCHAIN TOKEN/COINS REPRESENTED OR GUARANTEED.